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Arc’s Outreach Team is often the first point of contact for rough sleepers. 

The team conducts early morning Outreach walkabouts, locating any new rough sleepers and checking on those that are known to be out and sleeping rough. The team also responds quickly to reports of rough sleepers from the general public or other agencies.

As well as searching for rough sleepers, Arc’s Outreach Team also make themselves available at drop in services in Taunton and Bridgwater. Arc also provides a rapid response service in Sedgemoor which responds to any reported sightings of rough sleepers anywhere in Sedgemoor. The team can offer support, advice and signposting to address housing issues and assess the individual for suitable accommodatio and other services.

The Outreach Team covers Somerset West and Taunton and Sedgemoor Councils. 

Drop in Services in Our Area:

Open Door in Taunton is a Monday to Friday service for rough sleepers, running from 9.30am-1pm. It offers food, showers, clothing, laundry facilities and access to computers. There are also music, cooking and craft sessions.

Westfield Church in Bridgwater is a twice weekly service on Monday and Thursday from 9.30 - 11.30am offering food, shower and laundry facilities. As well as an Arc Outreach Worker, there is also a Housing Officer from Sedgemoor District Council.

If you’re concerned about a rough sleeper:

If you have seen a rough sleeper and are concerned for their welfare, you can contact the Outreach Team. Please call:

Jerry Davies - 07887501046

Streetlink: You can also alert the correct services of a rough sleeper by visiting Street Link, which will alert the correct authority or outreach team. Do this by visiting:

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