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Move In Fund

Our Move In Fund assists those who are moving on to their own independent accommodation by helping to provide everyday essentials such as washing machines, fridges, cookers, and carpets. We have seen that this not only essential for getting settled in a new home, but also helps our clients to sustain their new tenancy and independence. 

Moving on and becoming independent is such a huge and important step for our clients, but it can be incredibly daunting and costly. Our Move In fund works by providing a grant to assist with everyday essentials to those moving away from Arc services, such as washing machines, fridges, cookers, and carpets. We were even able to provide installation for appliances where needed, to ensure that stress is kept to a minimum. These simple things can make the transition to becoming independent that little bit easier for our clients. It means they can store food and cook dinner. It means they can have clean clothes to feel comfortable in, or to attend a job interview. It means they can make a welcoming and cosy home to settle in and enjoy for the first time in a while.
Rob, a former resident at Arc, has recently benefited from the Move In fund. When asked about the difference the grant had made to his move, Rob said, “receiving my white goods package from Arc was such an amazing weight off my shoulders. It allowed me to relax and not worry about how I was going to store food, wash my clothes and generally live a normal life. It is awesome going to the shop and buying simple things like ice cream!"
Our Move In fund was originally granted by the Somerset Community Foundation and has already helped 21 individuals move on from our services successfully. Due to its popularity and success, the fund has now been depleted, so we are asking our wonderful supporters to support the Move In fund this winter. We hope that you are able to donate towards this vital project today.

If you would prefer to donate to our general fund, please feel free to do so. By donating to our general fund, you will be assisting with not only our core service of accommodation, but also supporting our other services such as our GP surgery, Veteran’s Project, Social Enterprise, Arc Academy, and PAWS Project. Your donation may help with the small but just as important items that benefit our clients, such as clothing, hobby items, push bikes, or providing a whole property with fish and chips! Wherever it is spent, it will make the world of difference for our residents.

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