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"I’m hoping to grow even more with Arc and do amazing things to help others!” - Anna's Story

“My name is Anna, and I became homeless around 12 years ago."

"I worked in a pub with a flat above it which I lived in as part of my contract. Unfortunately, the pub closed, and I lost my job and my home, leaving me sofa surfing. If I could teach anyone anything about homelessness, it would be to never judge someone when you don’t know their past, or the situations they are going through. To have had a home and for that to be taken away from you is a horrid feeling. I ended up seeking help from my doctor for depression and anxiety. When I explained my situation, they referred me to the local council, and they connected me with Arc. I was housed at Lindley House where I stayed for about 4 months. Arc is not just a home. It is a chance to make a better life and memories. Whilst I was a resident, there was some great times with staff and great memories of Christmas and activities I took part in. I had some amazing support from staff in my darkest times. I got myself a cleaning job at Lindley and did some bar work at weekends. This prompted me to move on to one of Arc’s satellite houses, where I could still be supported but I would also have more independence. I stayed with Arc for a further 5-6 months until I eventually reconnected with my mum and moved back in with her. Being a resident at Arc inspired me to become a Support Worker and help others progress with their lives. After moving in with my mum, I applied to do Relief Support Work at Arc to gain experience and give back. Over the years, I have taken part in the Big Sleep Outs. It is a great event and makes people realise what being homeless is like. Each year, Arc have had more people get involved! The money raised from these helps the clients in so many ways, such as move on, get items they need, and attend courses and activities which help with mental health. 12 years on from my homelessness journey, I have become a full-time Support Worker at Lindley House! I was amazed to have been given this opportunity to help people in the way I was helped - to be given a second chance to make my life better for myself. I’m hoping to grow even more with Arc and do amazing things to help others!”

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