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Colin makes a fresh new start with his companion Rocky

At the age of 73, pensioner Colin found himself sleeping in his car with his puppy of 11 weeks old, after separating from his wife and having to leave his home of 21 years.

After living in his car for two months over the Winter with Rocky, travelling around from place to place so he wasn’t moved on by the police, Colin was given the number for our services and very shortly afterwards moved into Lindley House for two and a half months, before moving onto one of our satellite properties.

After being in satellite property 'Norie House' for a short period of time, our pet friendly accommodation, which is part of the StreetVet Accredited Hostel Scheme, Colin is excited about “making a fresh start” with Rocky. In two weeks’, time he is moving into brand new, dog friendly supported accommodation which Lindley House team member Anna helped him find. “Everyone at Arc has been so understanding, helping me work out my deposit and ensuring I can find the £760 I will need to pay each month in rent. I have had such support from all the team, Anna has been great, and my support worker Ben, has taken me to visit my new property and provided me with dog biscuits and wet meat for Rocky. I  was made to feel so welcome from everyone, from clients to staff. We all have one big bond, and I would highly recommend the service to others”

Colin is now all set with everything he needs to move forward and can’t wait to settle into his new home. He says he’s quite independent and is looking forward to cooking for himself and having an outside communal space for Rocky to roam where he doesn’t have to go up and down stairs, as he hates stairs!

Colin says “When you are out on the streets or sleeping in your car, people look down on you. You should never look down on a person or judge people because you never know when it might happen to you. I had my property and my marriage and look what happened, we are all equals, some people have lots of money and some not at all, but you never know when things might just crash around you.”

Here at Arc we are all wishing Colin and Rocky all the best for their new start, and are really pleased they have managed to find accommodation where they can remain together and can both settle into a place they can call home.  


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